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  • Leverage the right AWS products for your workload, like batch computing, digital marketing, business applications, application development, or cloud native applications
  • Work through security requirements of the workload you select
  • Identify the time-to-market increase and cost savings
  • Identify ideal target workloads for phased cloud migration initiatives
  • Identify ways to optimize application stacks by leveraging native AWS services
  • Discuss internal organizational factors which drive cloud adoption such as people/process/technology mappings
  • Accelerated adoption of overall cloud strategy

Choose from common customer workloads like:

  • Batch Computing - Big Data, High Performance Computing, Risk Modeling
  • Business Applications - ERP, HR, Manufacturing
  • Application Development - Chef, Hadoop, Splunk
  • Cloud Native Applications - Kinesis, EMR, RedShift, Lamda
  • Custom Workloads - SAP, PeopleSoft, Magento, Adobe CQ