2nd Watch Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Health Check

2nd Watch Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Health Check

Amazon VPC

Schedule Your VPC Health Check

How optimized is your AWS VPC?  Unused resources are the most common issues we identify with customers' AWS environments.  With our Health Check, we will identify unused resources that are driving your cloud costs up and fix them for you.  With your VPC Health Check you can:

  • Identify opportunities and remediate for immediate cost savings
  • Improve your system performance and reliability
  • Strengthen your security by ensuring there are no unauthorized points of access at the VPC edge, EC2 security groups or network
  • Ensure the right EC2 instance types and class are mapped to your intended workloads
  • Ensure the proper AWS storage types are mapped to your workloads based on application usage profile
  • Identify areas in which you will have greater visibility by leveraging logging or system monitoring tools

Schedule your two-day health check for only $5,000 to get started.