2nd Watch Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Kick Start

2nd Watch Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Kick Start

Amazon VPC

Schedule Your VPC Kick-Start

Need help building the right VPC to ensure security? Schedule your VPC Kick Start and start using AWS to accelerate the adoption of your cloud strategy. The VPC Kick Start will provide you with a functional AWS footprint connected as an extension of your existing IT infrastructure.


  • Discovery & data gathering - understanding your workload and environment requirements
  • Training - 1/2 day training session on AWS core services & functionality
  • Expense Management - AWS account creation proper setup and access to AWS console and account

VPC Setup

  • Networking - IP addressing
  • Single Private Subnet
  • Single Public Subnet
  • Assign a single NAT instance and elastic IP address to VPC
  • Setup a single Security Group
  • Setup VPN endpoint with VPN connection to customer-deployed VPN endpoint
  • Deploy a single Windows EC2 instance to be used as a federated domain controller to customer's Microsoft Active Directory

Schedule your three-day VPC Kick Start for only $7,500 to get started.