2nd Watch Datasheet

2nd Watch Datasheet

Redshift Datasheet

Data Warehouse Solution

The increasing volume, variety and velocity of digital information has many enterprise IT organizations turning to the public cloud to run applications that require high bandwidth, enhanced networking, and high compute capabilities. Companies that leverage cloud computing technology are able to process data faster and produce more robust data analytics which helps them to make better business decisions, faster.

2nd Watch’s data warehouse solution is a secure, compatible, fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale solution that makes it simple to store and analyze data. You no longer need to spend time negotiating software licenses or worry about paying expensive licensing fees. And, at 1/10th of the cost of traditional on-premises data warehousing solutions, it’s less expensive—making it a more cost-effective way to manage your valuable business data.

Download the 2nd Watch data warehouse solution datasheet to learn more about our Amazon Redshift offer.